Thoughts on USCAP from a n00b…

13 03 2009

Well, this is my first post.  Welcome to what’s tentatively called ‘The 1x Objective’.  I hope you find my insights thoughtful or at least lol-inducing.  I suppose this is a niche-type blog, but humor spans all interests, so here goes…!

This past week, the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathologists held their annual conference, this year in Boston, MA.  This was my

The mall entrance to the Hynes Convention Center

The mall entrance to the Hynes Convention Center

 first meeting (in fact, this was my first real conference), and it far exceeded my expectations.  I was excited to attend for the opportunity to hear world-renown pathologists lecture on cutting edge science, to present my own research and to meet other pathology residents from around the country and around the world, but it was so much more.

What immediately struck me (aside from the fact that the conference center was attached to a mall), was the networking going on there.  Within about 5 minutes of our arrival we were already speaking with a pathologist that had worked at AMC 30 years or so ago.  I got to meet up with multiple big names in Informatics, and not by lurking after lectures, but over pints.  Awesome.

Additionally, the lectures were quite surprising.  Some of the ones that I thought would be interesting were wildly esoteric to a resident, while others, which I had low expectations for, were actually amazing.  All in all, the exposure was tremendous.  BTW, I will be posting separately about the evening informatics lecture series.

Crowd watching BioImagene's big stage presentation

Crowd watching BioImagene's big stage presentation

Also of mention, were the vendors.  Someone had mentioned to me that I should check them out, but being someone interested in informatics, I don’t think I realized how relevant talking to these people would be.  The major push by these vendors was towards digital an molecular technology, the former of which is very close to my heart.  There were companies offering products from whole slide imaging solutions, to automated interpretation software, to grossing cameras, to medical school teaching programs.  It was truly amazing!  Of course, they were giving their spiels and trying to get to scan my badge, but even just the exposure, for me, was awesome.  I’ll be expecting a million spam emails and phone calls in the coming weeks… lol. Of note, IMHO, was BioImagene’s presentation.  Like the Apple of pathology, they brought unmatched fan-fare to the conference, right down to the key-note and “one more thing”.  Pretty neat.  It’s good to see some real passion behind a product line; it really makes you think that they love what they do.

Finally,  and completely unrelated to the conference itself, was the opportunity to get to know my fellow residents *much* better than I previously had.  I truly am lucky to

AMC Path Residents at Cheesecake Factory

AMC Path Residents at Cheesecake Factory

 be in Albany after all, my co-residents are really down-to-earth fun people to hang out with. Good times!

Well, now, I’m back home and it’s back to the same drill as before, however, I now return inspired to get things done that I’ve had on the back-burner for some time now  (much like this blog!).

So again, welcome to 1xO! Hope you enjoy!




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