Camera Conundrum…

6 05 2009

I’m reaching out to the community on this one…

My department has charged me with the responsibility to purchase and help install a camera/LCD TV rig in our hematology lab to the existing 6 head Olympus scope that lives there now.  They want to be able to: (1) show live images on a screen suitable for crowd-viewing and (2) capture pictures suitable for publication.  It needs to be simple enough for everyone to use and the more parfocal, the better.  And now the fun part: I have about a 3 to 6k budget.  Otherwise, no real restriction.  I’ve contacted our vendors, but where else should I look?  I wish there was a review site like C|Net, but for lab equipment!  Do you have your own favorites?  Open thread- thoughts/ideas welcome…




2 responses

7 05 2009

My advice is to ditch the 6-header and to go digital all the way. We bought last year a Nikon Eclipse 80i with a 5MP camera connected to a DS-L2 controller and an ordinary LCD monitor (you could opt for a projector). Works very well. I can demonstrate a slide to as many persons as I want in 30 seconds from power off to live image. The live resolution is very good and it takes great pictures: you press a big button and its taken. The pics go on a CFcard, a common digital camera format. The camera has its own focus to make it parfocal.

This setup has two screens showing the same image. I arranged them so that I look at the small screen while facing the clinicians who are looking at the big screen. Thus, I am talking to my visitors, not to the microscope. I love it, they love it too.

28 05 2009

I THINK that this camera with this controler can also act as a server to host a live stream of what the camer is viewing. This could allow for telepathology and remote image capture (couple this with skype and you can enjoy slide conferences from the confort of your own home – or consults without leaving your office) If it doesn’t I highly suggest looking for a controler option that has this ability.

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