Conversing about Technology in Health Care – #froghealth

10 05 2009

Last Tuesday (5/5/09), San Francisco-based design company, frog design, hosted a Twitter-based conversation about the integration of technology in healthcare.  They posed series of simple questions from defining “mobile health” to what the best applications for doctors and patients might be.  The Twitter community responded overwhelmingly with a wide variety of #froghealth hash-tagged answers.  The company deemed this experiment “curated crowd-sourcing”.

Below is an example of one of the discussions:

Q2. How can a mobile device be used by a doctor in a doctor’s office?

  • hupajoob_chat: Q2) to receive notices of patients who are waiting and the severity of their needs. #froghealth
  • jfgrossen: A2 – instant notices of availability of prescribed medicines at local pharmacies #froghealth
  • mcrate_s: @frogdesign specifically for doctors offices, a mobile device with as much smarts as desktop machine can be a good space saver #froghealth
  • mebajason: what if “Patients Like Me” got so big they bought an insurance company and became the intermediary btwn patient/provider #frogHealth
  • emmazure: Q2- i think mobile devices should be used not only in the doctor’s office #froghealth
  • hplug: Apple is definitely trying to push the envelope – – perhaps chart integration? Additional Patient data #froghealth
  • mcrate_s: @mebajason i like this idea and have been a big fan of Patients Like Me since I first heard of them #froghealth
  • tr5000: Q2- Most hospitals already have PC’s is the exam rooms #froghealth
  • laurasgt: Q2: Wellness Wireless, glucometer embedded in a phone, auto tracks blood sugar, sent back to nurse at office #froghealth
  • DeannaLawrence: #froghealth Personalized monitoring/alerts Preventative simple app-UV protection/allergies-advanced monitoring chronic health conditions
  • hplug: Perhaps patient education – using Epocrates on a smartphone to show patients pill color and size, Seniors care about this. #froghealth
  • tr5000: Q2- doctors could receive test results and patient scheduling info #froghealth
  • jfreach: The transfer of scripts to patient and pharmacy. #frogHealth
  • frogdesign: I know doctors who still carry Palm PDA’s because of the medical software to help make a diagnosis #froghealth
  • babjopa: Q2 – portable access to records, patient education, drug interaction db access, wireless connectivity to med equip/devices #froghealth
  • videofred: Q2 Using a tablet PC a doctor can have access to all records of a patient, write Rx, send them to the pharm. #froghealth
  • laurasgt: Q2: the idea of “glow caps” (see URL), could be an app: (expand) #froghealth
  • paligoy: Q2: scan (photograph) skin conditions and send them to colleagues or mechanical turk for identification.
  • kaleemux: Q2 Mobile device use by doctor in office: Medical record access, diagnostic information, expert network, hospital patient alerts #frogHealth
  • babjopa: @hplug yes, and animations/visuals to explain condition – with ability to send that information to patients via their mobile #froghealth
  • laurasgt: Q2: I REALLY want doctor “signatures” through my phone for ease in getting scrips on the fly.
  • babjopa: capitalize on trend of info Rx (prescribing not just pills, but also education) via sending links from mobile device #froghealth
  • kaleemux: Q2 Mobile device use by doctor in office (cont’d): Office = anywhere mobile/wireless exists. Housecalls by necessity: Aging pop. #frogHealth
  • frogdesign: @kaleemux Great point! Completely changes the “doctor’s office”. With good mobile health much care can be delivered anywhere #froghealth

Due to its success, frog design plans to hold another Twitter forum in the near future.  Welcome to Health Care 2.0 my friends!

I suppose on the one hand, you can interpret crowd-sourcing as a lazy man’s R&D, relying on the public to come up with ideas for you, but, at the same time, the importance of the involvement of the community, aka the eventual consumers, cannot be understated.  I, for one, think this is a great idea, and am curious to see where this goes in the future…


[via DesignMind]




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