Technology in Medicine from a Resident’s Perspective

27 05 2009

The Frog Design Blog has a short but interesting article about residents’ opinion of technology in medicine.  It shows some interesting perspective including that of a dentist. From the article:

iPhones in the medical field are slowly becoming more and more popular. On rounds we had a patient going for surgery and we needed to figure out whether pre-op antibiotics were needed or not.  My intern looked up the newest recommendations put out by the infectious disease society on his iphone before the attending asked him that question, and he had the answer before he got asked and looked like a superstar.

I can still remember having a palm pilot the size of an Amazon Kindle that I would lug around with me because it had ePocrates and a FENa calculator in it.  I really thought I was pretty cool back then; compare that to now, however, the new me laughs at the old me.  While I don’t regularly work on the wards, I can only imagine that the use of net-connected cell phones are playing a more and more integral role in the delivery of care to patients every day, and this article bears this notion out.

Check it out over at FrogDesign.




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