Obama’s CTO to give podcast interview today

4 08 2009

CNet.com’s Podcast Buzz Out Loud, a podcast near and dear to my heart, will have on their show today (1pm ET, 11am PT), Aneesh Chopra, the newly appointed United States ‘CTO’.  He has embarked on his first tour of Silicon Valley and will be stopping by a few venues for interviews this week.

The podcast hosts put out a call to the community for questions for the distinguished gentleman; if you’d like to post your own questions, the thread can be found here:


I specifically asked about the EMR initiative so highly touted by President Obama- what are the plans, nationalized/government run vs private, protection of physician privledge while maintaining portability and access, etc; hopefully they will pick my questions 😉

To catch this video podcast live, check out http://www.cnet.com/live at 1pm ET today.

UPDATE: Below is the video of the interview.  They did in fact ask my question(s) (my question is read at the 10:00 mark), and Mr. Chopra’s response was cordial if not a little round-a-bout, but interesting and welcomed nonetheless.  It was an amazing opportunity to get and an honor to be chosen.  Thank you to C|Net and to Mr. Chopra.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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