Stray Links From July

4 08 2009

Last month was a bit crazy for me, so I was admittedly neglectful of my poor blog.  However, that did not stop me from scouring the news blogs.  Below is a run-down of quick links to stories I flagged this past month.  I’d be remiss to not share them at all…

1.– It’s a social network for pathologists, plain and simple.  Beautifully designed and implemented, PathXChange is a home base for pathologists around the world to meet, discuss, and especially share cases.  PathXChange is billed as “not-for-profit” but is strongly backed by BioImagene. Great site. Come find me there; my username is ‘robstak’.

2. Medical Design and Manufacturing East Expo[via core77]– Core77 posts a slide show of new and innovative medical technology presented at the MDME Expo. There are few descriptions, but some nice images. More on MDME can be found here.

3. Manipulating 3D Radiology Using a Video Game Interface [via MedGadget]– Video gaming is near and dear to my heart.  Researchers at the University of Iowa have developed the ‘Body Viz’ software package that basically enables you to manipulate 3D rendered radiology images with an XBox 360 joystick.  Sometimes there’s brilliance in simplicity.

4. CellScope, The Cell Phone Mounted Micrscope [via CNet Crave Blog] – This has been simply everywhere over the past couple weeks.  Researchers at the University of Berkly have developed an attachment for cell phones which thereby enables them to function in the field as bright field microscopes.  The product is called CellScope and with fluorescent tagging can even identify TB in specimens.  Sadly, no word on price or availability.

5. Johns Hopkins to Offer a Degree in Health Informatics [MSN via DailyScan] – Starting this fall, Johns Hopkins will be offering a one year masters level degree in health informatics focusing on the development of medical information systems.  Too bad I already finished medical school…




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