New Font: DNA.

16 09 2009

Forget 10 pt fonts… this is 10nm! Using PCR and some complicated techniques, researchers at BYU have developed a way to string DNA together in complex branching patterns in a deliberate manner.  The potential utility has to do with nanotechnology, but the proof of concept is pretty nifty in and of itself! Check out the press release here.

Abstract: “Designs for DNA origami have previously been limited by the size of the available single-stranded genomes for scaffolds. Here we present a straightforward method for the production of scaffold strands having various lengths, using polymerase chain reaction amplification followed by strand separation via streptavidin-coated magnetic beads. We have applied this approach in assembling several distinct DNA nanostructures that have thin (10 nm) features and branching points, making them potentially useful templates for nanowires in complex electronic circuitry.”

[via MedGadget]




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