AMC Pathology Gives Back…

25 11 2009

This past Monday, a group of folks from the Albany Medical Center Department of Pathology volunteered their time to assist in the preparation of Equinox Inc.’s 40th annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  The group consisted of an attending physician, two residents, a histologist (all of which were also Siena alumni as well), as well as an Albany-area social worker.  The group aided in the preparation and counting of donated food stuffs as well as in the cleaning up of the facilities. In the short days leading up to the big finale!

A word about Equinox  Inc.: 
Equinox provides assistance in a safe and supportive environment to individuals and families to help them find the resources within themselves to grow and to make positive and lasting changes in their lives and within their communities.

They also organize the largest Thanksgiving Day dinner program in the Capitol Region.  Approximately 500 meals will be served this year at a sit down dinner, and an additional 7,800 meals are prepared at the Empire State Plaza and then delivered by volunteers to individuals who live within a 40 mile radius of downtown Albany.  The recipe for the dinner includes 8,000 pounds of turkey, 2,000 pounds of ham, 2,800 pounds of yams, 940 pies, 625 dozen dinner rolls, 48 gallons of cider and 19,500 pieces of fruit.  All of the food and the vast majority of help is donation-based.

In addition to the donation of physical bodies to the cause, the department also raised enough money to donate 300lbs of turkeys, 100lbs of potatoes and 50lbs of carrots for the meal preparation.

…and people say Pathologists are antisocial!  tsk, tsk!

Next up for the department:
Adopt-A-Family Christmas Present Drive for Unity House!


Happy Holidays from the 1x Objective!




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