Happy 2010 Match Day!

18 03 2010

Credit: Albany Medical Center

Congratulations to all the senior medical students out there on matching today!

A record 16,000 US medical students entered the match this year across the various specialties.  For Pathology, in particular, of the 503 spots offered this year, only 14 spots went unfilled!  I think people are starting to catch on to our secret…

Link to the NRMP Press Release.

Link to the NRMP Advanced Data Sets for 2010.

Congratulations, again, from the 1x Objective to everyone that matched!


Follow The 1x Objective on Twitter

11 03 2010


There’s just so much news that comes down the pipes, that it becomes hard if not impossible to keep up here on the blog, especially when I’m on service months.  Also, sometimes there are stories that are interesting, but not necessarily blog-worthy.  So I’ve decided to start a augment this site with a companion Twitter Blog (http://twitter.com/1xObjective).

Basically the Twitter feed will just contain links to stories I think are interesting or relevant to Medicine (and specifically Pathology) in the digital age.

So please stay tuned and hit that follow button!

BioImagene PR Doing It The Apple Way…

11 03 2010

I brought this up last year with one of my first blog posts, and it looks like BioImagene is at it again.  It speaks nothing about their actual products/services, but I really think more companies should take a hint from the BioImagene Marketing Department.  In an industry that, at least in my opinion, lacks some of the excitement in spreading the word about their newest and best products/services, BioImagene is a real stand-out taking a page out of Apple’s handbook, by creating mystique and hype around product releases, and then following the hype up with grand spectacle unveilings.

I received this today from BioImagene:

What does it mean? I have little if no idea.  But that’s the brilliance of it all, because now I want to find out!

You can look at stuff like this and call them “PR stunts” or whatever, but I think there is a certain amount of merit behind a good PR campaign.  Look what it has done for Apple.  If they sell one iPad they’ve already fooled at least one person 😉

So I look forward to seeing what they have up their sleeve this year at USCAP.  I’ll be there, blogging all the way.

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