iPad + Citrix = Genius

22 04 2010


I guess it’s not that wild of an idea, but I love it.  Medgadget posted today about a California-area hospital that’s rolling 100 iPads out to their doctors so they can “keep track of their patients on the go”.

If you watch the first video [a local news report, linked here for now] they demonstrate a CXR and some heart rhythms- obvious applications, but again, what the iPad really has going for it is the convenience factor, unlike your much cheaper and much more well-equipped netbook.  What is troublesome for me: is it legal or reimbursable to conduct medical business on an iPad? I’ll assume no, and that the real function is to aid in patient triage.  Also, the news reporter talks about being able to look at [obviously sensitive] patient information on the go or “in the local coffee house”.  I sure hope HIPAA hasn’t seen that video!

What piqued my interest was the inclusion of a video demo of citrix for the iPad [linked here for now].  The potential utility here is very exciting.  I know there are a lot of people out there who hate Citrix, or call it a slow band-aid fix to a real problem, but in my experience it works, and it works well.  To have the ability to acess and feasibly sign-out dictated cases from anywhere with this level of convenience is certainly enticing.

Don’t get me wrong, though.  I am no Apple fanboi by any means, and I have no plans to buy an iPad any time soon.  It really is a cool but expensive tweener device in my opinion.  But as a oligopurposed medical device, I think it could actually be quite functional.

Now I just have to finish my multitouch WSI manipulation software and then we are in business! 😉

[via MedGadget]




2 responses

21 10 2010

You should see iPad + logmein == much better than Citrix

25 10 2010

ha! Interesting. A couple of my good friends actually live in Boston and work for LogMeIn. I’ve been trying to get my hands on a free copy…

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