Get a Free Year of Amazon Prime with your .edu E-Mail Address

12 07 2010

Found this gem browsing the web tonight.

As with previous amazing deals from Microsoft in the past (and, in fact, whilst researching for this blog post, it turns out that they were reinstated this year!), is offering free Prime memberships for a year if you have a .edu e-mail address.  As a resident at an academic institution, I, and likely many of you, just so happen to have such an e-mail address.

Most people are familiar with by now, but some people may not realize that it’s also a great place to find good prices on a variety of work-related things from textbooks to dictaphones.

Who cares?  Well, Amazon Prime is normally an $80 value, and is free if you sign up using this link.  The real advantage you get is free 2 day shipping on any order, which definitely saves you a lot of money in the long run.

PS: if you already have an amazon account, just switch your email address to your .edu one before you sign up.  I did it tonight, and it worked fine.





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24 08 2010
How to Save $$$ on Textbooks « The 1x Objective

[…] resident, I’m always looking for ways to save a couple bucks on textbooks.  I’ve posted previously about getting in on Amazon Prime with a .edu e-mail address, and, today, LifeHacker has a few more […]

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