Cell Counting Cryptogram Challenge

13 07 2010

[via MedGadget]

GEN (Genetic Engineering & BioTech News) is sponsoring a contest over at it’s website.  If you can decipher the posted cryptogram, you get a cash prize as well as a free lab analyzer of your choice!  Let the nerdy fun ensue…

From the GEN website:

GEN’s latest online contest is based on Cell Counting. Crack the code and become a Challenge “celebrity.”  Wondering what this colorful image means? How does it relate to cell counting? Use your analytical skills to decipher the hidden message. Be the first one to reveal the solution and win $1,500 and your choice of one of five Bio-Rad benchtop devices.  Peter C. Johnson, M.D., President and CEO of Scintellix, LLC, has created this tantalizing cipher. […] you will get a free T-shirt depicting the cryptogram image if you are among the first 150 registrants.

Good Luck!




One response

25 08 2010

This is awesome! I’ll try it out myself. Can I suggest an interesting article about bio-Rad’s latest gadget is the TC10 automated cell counter, which accurately and reproducibly provides total mammalian cell counts in 30 seconds or less—eliminating the need for manually counting cells under the microscope using a hemocytometer. May be of interest.

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