$44k to use an EHR iPad App? OK!!

28 07 2011

This has been all over the web today, just thought I’d pass it along.

DrChrono is an EMR iPad app from DrChrono, Inc. that has generated a lot of buzz recently.  Any practitioner who uses it in their office may qualify for up to $44,000 in stimulus money under the HITECH Act (the idea being that EHR’s save a ton of money- invest a little to save a lot).

So aside from the headline-grabbing statement, is the app any good?

I signed up and have poked around a bit, it’s REALLY interesting.  Well laid out, easy to use.  There’s text to speech, the ability to add pictures, bill the encounter, look up CPT codes, and even integrate with your Google Calendar.  Pricing varies from FREE up to $799/month (which really isn’t that bad, relatively speaking).

When I signed up, “Pathologist” was one of the selection choices, but as it’s written now, it doesn’t much cater to pathologists, but it could be tweaked to be pretty useful at sign-out!  Right now, I’ll use it as a CPT/ICD-9 dictionary, but I’ll keep playing around with it to see what else it could be used for on the lab side of things.

Here is a link to the deal on the deal.

Here is a link to the app.




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