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I am a community pathologist working in the Kingston, NY area for Affiliated Pathology Services, PC; I received my training at Albany Medical Center in Albany, NY.  My two passions are pathology and technology, so between signing out cases, I try to keep apprised of the current news and trends in the field of pathology/pathology informatics.  I’m also pretty outspoken; so, this blog was created in an effort to share current news in the field and my opinion of it.

About Pathology Informatics:
Pathology is a rapidly evolving field with a inevitable and decisive inertia.  The very nature of the field lends itself to an intimate relationship with technology.  Yet, while most early advances in pathology were technology-driven, there exists, today, an apparent and unfortunate resistance to the evolution of the sub-specialty via technological innovation.   The field of pathology informatics is devoted to correction of this disconnect.  By applying novel technologies, and thinking outside the proverbial box, we will both improve and facilitate delivery of care to our patients and advance the field as a whole.

About this blog:
This blog was created to serve as medicine/pathology/informatics news blog as seen through the editorial eyes of a junior pathologist.  Sometimes serious, but often intended for a laugh, this blog is an opportunity to share my take on and ideas about medicine and pathology today.

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The opinions expressed here are the author’s own and should not be associated with any program or hospital associated with the author.  All original content is © 2009 by the blog’s owner and operator.


One response

10 04 2009
Alexis Carter

Thanks for leaving the first comment on my blog! I was surprised because I didn’t really advertise it. Your comments are well taken. I’ll investigate. I’ve actually written VBA that dumps tasks from MS Project into Outlook and vice versa, but code to actually synchronize the two is more problematic and time consuming to run. Ugh! I’ll check the Google option, though. I’m amazed by what they have out there for free. Nice blog yourself!


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